Here the olive tree is exploited in different ways.:


~ the olives are picked by hand and taken to the mill to extract the precious oil (organic) ~

~ the leaves are collected by hand and carefully sun-dried, then sold as herbal tea ~

~ the young branches of this tree are used for basketwork ~

~ the dead or dry wood is used to heat the house and the ashes are used to make home-made detergent ~


        For herbal teas we also collect the following plants:


~ Sage ~

~ Rosemary ~

~ Thyme ~

~ Aquatic Mint~

~ Olive leaves ~


      As we use phytosanitary filtration, it is possible to buy the plants from us, or the seeds we collect from them.


The plants are the following : 


~ Reeds ( Phragmites communis ) ~
Scirpe ( Scirpus lacustris ) ~
Yellow Iris of swamps ( Iris pseudo-acourus ) ~
Water mint ( Mentha aquatica ) ~
Water Lilies ( Nymphaea hybride ) ~

~ Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus)



We also grow flowers :


~ Commun Hollyhock  ( Althaea rosea ) ~



We host workawayers!

Workaway is an international hospitality service that allows members to contact one another to organise homestays and cultural exchange. Volunteers or "Workawayers", are expected to contribute a pre-agreed amount of time per day in exchange for lodging and food, which is provided by their host.

The world's leading community for sustainable travel and cultural exchange.

Promoting Volunteering, Family Exchanges, Homestays, Farmstays, Working Holidays, Travel Buddies, Language Learning and Cultural Exchange.

Please, contact us for details. We can host you from april to october.

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